Wedding Ring Photography Ideas

Photography is one of the most important parts of your entire wedding – at least it was to us! Without the perfect photos to remember the perfect day, you may forget small details. These wedding ring photos are all easy and simple enough to take yourself if you don’t get a chance to ask your photographer to take them.

wedding ring photography ideas


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Wedding Ring Photography Ideas

unique wedding photos

If you and your partner both have a passion for music, why not show off your rings and your passion in one picture? By placing your rings and bouquet on some vinyl, your personality shows and displays the love that your rings represent. You can take this same concept and use it for any of the hobbies or interests that you and your spouse share.

wedding rings on leaf

Your rings don’t have to be displayed on a table. These wedding rings are displayed on the leaf of a plant. It doesn’t have to be anything you’d normally think of. Get creative and pay attention to your surroundings. If you both like to hike or garden, look at what is around and find a fun and creative way to display your rings.

The key to wedding ring photography is to have fun with it! You can even use your phone – don’t worry about lugging the expensive camera around to find the perfect leaf. Most phones these days are well-equipped with a camera that is more than sufficient for your wedding ring photography.

succulent wedding ring

These rings look like they are hugging each other on top of this little plant. You can find any plant that is sturdy enough to hold the rings and display them proudly. Try putting the rings in different positions to find what works best for that specific background. Sometimes it can be tricky, if one ring is much larger than the other, or if both rings are close to the same size (like ours are!), but if you play around with it a little bit you’ll find the perfect angle to display both rings.

book wedding ring ideas

This one is our favorite! Displaying your rings on the page of a book can hold so many meanings. If you enjoy a certain book or genre, you can strategically place your rings on a page of that book. Maybe your marriage is faith-based and you would like to display the rings on a page of the Bible or near your favorite verse. You can get very creative when using a book as your backdrop.

wedding ring with book

This wedding ring photo is a different variation of a book as your backdrop. Instead of setting the rings on a page, use the spine to hold the rings standing straight up. Again, this can get as creative as you’d like, as you decide what type of book you would like to showcase in the back.

wedding ring phot oideas

In order to honor the most beautiful day of your life, place your wedding bands atop of your bouquet. This will give you a reminder of your beautiful day along with showcasing your rings. Having the photo taken close-up will show the beautiful flowers and their perfectly imperfect petals.

unique wedding rings

Showcase your wedding rings on a clean white cloth to have them really stand out and display their beauty. Placing flowers in the background but staying focused on the rings will create depth that will be eye-catching. If your rings have color in them, this is a fantastic way to bring out and feature their uniqueness.

wedding rings with moss

Utilizing something as simple as a piece of wood can make your wedding ring photo stunning. Nature has such a wide variety of items that you may not think of initially, but look around! Even a small piece of wood will be more than enough to hold your rings, and zooming in on them will make the piece look larger than it is.

wedding rings water

Please don’t place your rings in the pool or ocean, but you can still get the water effect. Using a black background, either a piece of plastic or something waterproof, put your rings in place and gently pour water around them. You can manipulate the water with a fan or simply have someone blow the water while you take the picture.

outdoor wedding rings

This wedding ring photo idea uses a pretty rock to display rings. Find a rock large enough to hold the rings and zoom in with your camera or phone. By creating a blur in the background, your rings stand out and the rock creates a rustic look. Most new phones are capable of creating that “blur” effect.

green wedding ring photos

Maybe you’re a chef, or your spouse is… or maybe they proposed at your favorite restaurant. This is a great way to showcase that memory or love of food. Your rings sitting on top of your favorite dish give a unique look into your passion. If you were proposed to via a dessert, this is a great way to remember that moment and the beginning of your lives together.

red rose wedding ring

Roses scream romance. Placing your beautiful ring inside of the petals of a rose gives such a dramatic look. You can focus the camera on the one rose that holds your ring(s) and blur the background. It doesn’t get much more romantic than this red rose picture. Don’t have roses at home? Use the ones at the grocery store. We went to pick up groceries one day and saw a bunch of flowers in pots. Took our rings off, and took photos right then and there. We thought we’d get weird looks but people actually thought it was a good idea! Maybe we can start a trend. 😉

wedding rings with dog

We love our furry friends. Our pets are a huge part of our lives and our relationships. Utilizing them in your ring photo is not only fun but a great way to make sure they know they’re part of the family.

wedding ring with succulent

A unique flower or plant makes the perfect background for your rings. You can strategically place your rings in the plant. If you’re able to find a unique colored plant or one with multiple colors, you can have a really exciting picture. Pay homage to your hometown by using a cactus if you’re from the Southwest, or do a photo in sand if you’re from the Coast.

wedding rings with shoes

Bouquets and shoes are very important at your wedding. Well, at most weddings – Sadie was barefoot when she walked down the aisle! Use these two things to create the backdrop for your ring pictures. The picture shown has the bride and groom in the background with the focus being on the rings, shoes, and bouquet.

unique wedding ring photos

Staging your rings around wedding decor and your invitations is a wonderful way to remember a little about the small things that made your wedding so special. You spend a lot of time planning out your wedding and putting together the details, this is the perfect way to remember them and create a beautiful picture.

wedding rings blurred background

Who knew that simply holding your ring could make such a pretty picture?  Photographers are talented folks and being able to only focus on your hand and ring, while the rest is a blur, creates an incredibly dramatic picture.  You won’t only show off your gorgeous ring, but also the special nails you had done for your wedding.

wedding rings with bible

The key components of your wedding ceremony can be creatively displayed to frame your wedding ring picture. Carefully place the flower girl’s basket (along with the petals), bridesmaid bouquets, wedding shoes, bouquet, and a book to create this picture. Incorporating as many of the little details creates not only a great picture but a fantastic way to remember all of these pieces of the wedding.

wedding ring photo sand

Many weddings are held on the beach. Use that destination to create a fun way to display your rings. Instead of creating a sandcastle, pick up the sand to hold your rings. 

wedding ring photo inspo

You don’t have to put a lot of work into your wedding ring picture. You don’t even have to take it out of the box!  Using your veil or wedding dress, place a piece of your wedding flowers and your ring still in the box to create this look. It is simple but oh so pretty.

simple wedding photos

You don’t need much to create an elegant picture of your rings. Simply place your rings on your wedding dress and zoom in. You will be able to see the detail of the lace in your dress while being focused on the rings.

flower wedding ring photos

One flower can create a very dramatic effect on your wedding ring picture. Place your ring in the center of a red rose to showcase the beautiful diamonds. A little baby breath helps to pull the picture together.

elegant wedding ring photo ideas

Create this picture by utilizing a mirrored tray as a stand for all of your items. Keep it simple while creating a statement.

simple wedding ring photo ideas

Earthy and natural is easy to create with a picture like this. Find a tree, bush or plant that has leaves you like. Lay them flat and allow your rings to sit on top. It’s easy but a gorgeous picture to frame in your home.

beach wedding ring photos

If you enjoy the beach or had a beach wedding, this is a great way to celebrate. A wooden box adds flair to the picture and the little bit of rope makes it look as if your ring was washed ashore.

You don’t have to use a lot of props or do anything over-the-top to create a stunning wedding ring photo. Place a piece of pretty fabric over a box so your rings may sit on top. Having the rings elevated will make them stand out on the fabric. This is probably the easiest to recreate and is extremely dramatic.

wedding ring photo inspiration

Your bouquet is unique and full of gorgeous flowers, so why not use them to hold your rings for a classic wedding ring picture?  This was created by placing the rings on a carnation. The photographer focused on one flower and allowed the rest to blur. This makes the carnation and rings stand out against the others.

wedding ring photos

To create this picture you can use either a portion of your dress or any white fabric and ribbons. No one will know which white fabric you use, so get creative if you don’t want to use your dress. The ribbons can be extras that weren’t used for the bouquets or other decorations from your wedding.

wedding ring photo ideas

A blingy watch will add a unique element to the picture of your wedding rings. Kevin LOVES watches, so we wanted to do this one for sure. Place the rings on a table and zoom in to create a picture to remember the exact time you said “I do”.

At the end of the day, your wedding ring photography is about showcasing what you love about each other, your passions and hobbies, and of course the beautiful rings!

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