Unique Date Ideas for Couples

Coming up with unique date ideas – especially when you’ve been married a while – can be tough. We love to come up with creative ways to date your spouse, so our goal today is to inspire you to go on a unique and fun date this weekend.

best date ideas for couples

Unique Date Ideas for Couples

carnival of illusions az

We started our #honeymoonforever at the Carnival of Illusions in Tucson, Arizona. This is a picture of Kevin up on stage. All the men had to draw their wives. Trust us when we say this is the best photo to show you, as none of the men on stage were artists LOL

cemetery date ideas

Cemetery Date Idea

This might sound creepy or a bit weird to many of you, but cemeteries are relaxing and can make for a great date. Go to FindAGrave.com and look up open requests. Find a Grave is a site where family members can request photos of their loved ones’ graves – maybe because they live too far away or are doing some genealogy research, and can’t get there. When you search local cemeteries on the site, you’ll see “OPEN” photo requests you can claim. Once you claim a request, you have 14 days to visit the cemetery and grab a photo of the plot/headstone. It’s like a scavenger hunt, so it’s fun… but it’s also helpful to strangers, which we both love.

food tour date idea

Food Tour

You can do a food tour date so many different ways; it’s crazy! If your partner loves chocolate, do a chocolate tasting tour. Look up all of the places that offer chocolate within a certain mile radius, and hop from place to place trying out something new. You could do a restaurant hop, where you visit one restaurant for an appetizer, another for the main course, and another for dessert. Dessert tour: visit different bakeries and split an item from each. Not only is this pretty affordable, but it’ll also be fun to get to know what each person likes and dislikes, and you get to spend some time driving or scootering to the next place. We love scooters, so any time we can go downtown and do a food tour of some sort, we do!

Scooters, Segways, and Bikes, Oh My!

Go downtown and take a ride on one of the many options available. We did a guided scooter tour in Old Town Scottsdale which was super fun, but there’s also scooters and bikes parked on every corner in most cities so that you can make your own tour. If you’re in charge of planning the date, plan out each spot you’d like to show your partner, so you aren’t just wandering aimlessly. Or, maybe you would both enjoy that. Either way, have fun!

Warning about this date: Your partner may fall in love, buy her own scooter, decide it’s not fast enough, and buy a Slingshot. Plan this date at your own risk! 😉

sedona date ideas

{Our Sedona Scavenger Hunt Date – post coming soon!}

Scavenger Hunt

Is it obvious that we love scavenger hunts yet? Download the “Let’s Roam!” app to see if there are self-guided scavenger hunt tours available in your area. It cost us a few bucks for each one — I think it was $12 or $24 for 12 — and we have had so much fun doing these scavenger hunts. If we are visiting California, we find a new one to do each time. Back home, there are a few others available as well. If you live in a small town, consider taking a day trip to a bigger town and including a scavenger hunt. Want to do it for free? Use Yelp and TripAdvisor to put your scavenger hunt together!

center of the world az

{Center of the World}

Roadside Attraction Date

Do you live on Route 66 or near any major highway that is known for being scenic? Chances are, you can find roadside attractions in your state. Add in some novelty museums (like the Museum of Death in Los Angeles) and you’ve got a unique date! Impress your date by looking these up ahead of time and mapping out your route.

Open House Dates

We enjoy looking at houses – not just because we are in the market for one, but because it’s neat to see other homes and how they’re staged. Use apps like OpenDoor to find Open Houses in your area. Realtors may not like this one, but at least they’re getting some bodies into their Open House, and it looks like folks are interested. Heck, you may be helping them make a sale. 😉

People Watching Date

Okay so we wouldn’t recommend making people watching the entire date, because that is a little creepy, but we like to play this game when we are out to eat or shopping or whatever. We make up stories for the people we see. Where did that couple meet? Oh, definitely at a Skynyrd concert. And what about that couple over there? At an AARP meetup. Making up stories for everyone is fun!

Rooftop Views

Find a rooftop bar/restaurant in your town (or in a neighboring city), and take your date up there to experience the most magical sunset of their life! You may need to make a reservation — call and ask if they will let you reserve a table with the best view. Even places that don’t usually make reservations may allow you if you tell them why. Tell them it’s part of your honeymoon. 😉

fun date ideas

Play Tourists

Look up local attractions (even if you’ve been 100 times) and play tourists in your city. See everything through fresh eyes. There are always new and exciting places to see and things to do.

International Cooking Date

Hit up your local International grocery store and grab the ingredients for a dish you found on Pinterest or got from a friend. Head back home and cook together. Or, if you want to keep it local, you could each prepare a dish from your hometown.

Volunteer Together

Find a shelter in your hometown or a “Dress for Success,” any VFW or American Legion. There are a ton of places you can volunteer at and donate some of your time to helping someone. The best gift you could ever give someone is your time because you are giving them something you will never get back. We both love helping people and have decided to donate our time in a few different ways. We always enjoy the time we spend together helping others.

unique date ideas for couples

Palm Reading or Tarot Date

Get your palms read, or find a psychic that reads tarot cards. Sadie reads tarot cards so we can do this one from home! 🙂

Kiss Date

Your lips may be tired after this one, but try different types of kisses! French Kiss, Butterfly Kiss, Flavored Kiss, Fish Kiss, Ice Kiss, Firm Kiss, From Behind Kiss, Slow Motion Kiss, Woodpecker Kiss, Lady and the Tramp Kiss, Kiss on the Forehead. No idea what a Woodpecker Kiss is, but we’re gonna figure it out! 😉

Farm Date

Whether you go berry or apple picking, or you visit an organic garden and pick up 13 varieties of lettuce, visiting a farm can be a tasty experience. We have a local farm that has a petting zoo, an organic garden, and often has events that are free or inexpensive. If you have something like this in your area, take advantage!

Paintball Date

Kevin is going to win this one…BWAHAHAHHAHA. Find a paintball park near you and suit up. We recommend getting the right gear, so you are as protected as possible. Make sure all of your equipment is functioning properly and then go blast each other. Afterward, the winner takes the loser out for ice cream. A perfect ending to a fantastic day, she got chocolate ice cream by the way. 🙂

unique date ideas for spouses

Donate Blood Together

This may or may not sound like a fun idea to you, but we both donate blood regularly and turned this into a date! We don’t usually have a whole lot of downtime to play the word game we like, so we sat next to each other while donating blood and played the game together. Afterward, we grabbed lunch and walked around the park – a perfect afternoon!

Other date ideas on our list include:

Geocaching Date
Murder Mystery Dinner
A Year in Review Date
Ghost Tour
Escape Room

Leave your date ideas below!

How to Plan a Destination Wedding on a Budget

Figuring out how to plan a destination wedding on a budget can be stressful and frustrating, but it doesn’t have to be! We have lots of great little tips we learned from experience as well as tons of stalking of wedding groups on Facebook (we can’t be the only ones addicted to these groups, right?) and we are happy to share them with you to help your destination wedding be as stress-free as possible.

Are you planning and paying for the wedding and honeymoon yourselves? Nowadays people are on their second or even third marriage (*raising our hands*) and are footing the bill for everything (*hands raised again*). Yes, you can stay within your budget and get the most for your money while getting the best locations and making this day the best day of your lives. But how?

Planning A Destination Wedding on a Budget

Just because you’re planning a destination wedding on a budget doesn’t mean it has to look like you’re on a budget. The little details are important and will make your wedding stand out to all of your guests. When you attend other weddings or are scouring Pinterest for ideas, start your own pin board or notepad full of ideas. There is always a way you can use another wedding for inspiration – maybe one that cost way more – but use some imagination to make it fit your budget.

A destination wedding means you can start your honeymoon right away with no more travel fees. It is also a vacation for your guests, and a chance to see somewhere they may never have traveled to otherwise.

Set A Budget

Set a firm budget for your destination wedding, then work to stay within it. One thing we see a LOT in wedding groups is that brides are going over their budgets every single day. There’s no reason to blow your budget. Be realistic and factor in everything you can before you begin the planning phase. Your budget has to include airfare, hotel stay, transportation, meals, and entertainment. This is the minimum that should be included when planning a destination wedding. With any wedding, you should count on 50% of your entire budget for the cost of the venue.


Don’t go into debt over your wedding. I know it is a significant day, but in the larger scheme of things, there are better ways to use the money. Investing, saving for a new house or car, the beginning of college for one of the kids, or even starting a new business venture, these are all very important also, and more sound investments. I am not saying don’t splurge a little but keep it within the budget you set. Couples who are just starting out or those who are on their second or third marriage need to be more conscious of the money they are spending and where the money is going. Let’s start on the right foot and not by going into debt.

The Planning Stages

Planning a wedding is stressful enough but a destination wedding as the added difficulty of getting everyone there, and planning from afar. Trusting someone else with the details is a scary prospect especially when it comes to one of the most important days of your life. Start as early as possible. We cannot stress this enough, the earlier you start the better the results and the more time you have to fix mistakes that will happen. We have created a spreadsheet to help you get from the planning stages to the wedding day without forgetting something. (Get the spreadsheet here for free.)

The Venue

Find a destination that is serviced from an airport near you. Destinations that require connecting flights tend to cost more. Make sure it is convenient for everyone to get from the airport to the wedding site. Some of your guests may arrive the day of and have to come straight to the location. Some venues have airport shuttles most hotels in popular vacation spots also have this service available. As we stated before 50% of your budget will be spent here so make sure you are getting the most for your dollar. Look for all-inclusive deals at hotels as well. Some places have lodging and will give you a discount or even free rooms if you have your wedding with them. I have seen one in Martinique that gives you 3 day stay to begin your honeymoon as part of the package. If you choose to go with an all-inclusive resort, you could end up paying significantly less overall than with a traditional venue because alcohol and food are included in the price.


This is truly a no-brainer the farther out you book the less expensive the flight. Check out websites like tripadvisor, Kayak, Cheapoair, as well as specific airline sites themselves to find the cheapest flight to your destination.

Legal Fees

Marriage licenses and other such fees are required and every county and state is different. So make sure you get this covered and allot between $50 and $150 for blood tests, the license itself, translation fees, notarized documents and filing fees. These are fees that we usually don’t think about but are incurred in the process. Leaving room for these will help you to stay within your budget. Make sure all of this is taken care of ahead of time so you don’t arrive at your destination without all of the proper paperwork. Going out of the country? Make sure to get your passports in order; it takes time to get these so don’t procrastinate.

Wedding Planner

We have seen in the marriage groups on Facebook and other social media sites that the day of coordinator is a must for the day of your wedding. When planning a destination wedding a wedding planner is priceless. The amount of work a wedding planner puts in to make the day perfect for you, and the coordination the day of, so you don’t have to worry about anything is worth spending the little extra it will cost to hire them. Factor into your budget about $1500 for a destination wedding planner. This will be money well spent.

Smaller Guest List

One of the benefits to a destination wedding is the smaller guest list. So instead of paying $75-100 or more per person for 250 of your closest strangers, you enjoy a few days in paradise with your true closest friends and family. You don’t have to invite your second and third cousins or your co-workers. If you do invite them, they probably won’t make the trip anyway.

Combined Honeymoon

Pick a spot to get married where you want to have your honeymoon and voila you are already there. This saves a ton on the cost of a marriage ceremony and then flying to a honeymoon destination. The best idea we have for you is to pick an all inclusive resort and have your wedding and honeymoon all in the same place.